Why Do So Many Pros Go Broke?

Why do so many pros go broke?

Lewis Neal and Russell Davis are generations apart, as are their stories. They don’t know each other but they share a passion other than football. They want their fellow athletes to understand finance so they can protect themselves and their families. One is a defensive end looking forward to being drafted into the NFL next…

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Bursting the Bubble: Why Sports Aren’t Coming Back Soon

The NBA, NFL and MLB are dreaming up ways to play amid a pandemic, with talk of isolating players in Arizona or Las Vegas or maybe on the moon. It all sounds great, until you talk to people who actually know science. The proposals multiply almost as fast as the coronavirus: The NHL can play…

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Financial Planning for Athletes: 6 Rules for Success

Working with sports stars can be prestigious, even glamorous — and is often a highly sought after market niche for financial advisors and wealth managers. Advisors got another glimpse into the field last week with the announcement that platform powerhouse Dynasty Financial Partners had signed on Octagon Financial Services, the Mclean, Va.-based RIA with an…

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