About Stuart Rohatiner

Stuart Rohatiner is an expert financial advisor that excels at helping people simplify complex issues in their financial lives. He has over 20 years of superior client service and achievement in tax planning and compliance. Mr. Rohatiner’s areas of expertise are: Sports Marketing & Entertainment, International Taxation including estate, gift and pre-immigration planning, Real Estate, tax-efficient ownership structures and operations, and the Executive Action Program – tax audit and consulting advice for business owners, executives and high-net worth individuals.

He is highly proficient in using tax research software programs to solve complex tax issues. Mr. Rohatiner advises international and domestic corporations, business owners and investors on tax-efficient structures and transactions to save or lower taxes on international joint ventures, acquisitions, sale of businesses and recapitalizations. Recently, he has been involved in helping a significant amount of US taxpayers come into tax compliance in the US under the Internal Revenue Services’ offshore voluntary disclosure programs. He works closely with the top attorneys in town.

Mr. Rohatiner is a Doctor of law from the University of Miami Law School and holds a B.S. in Accounting and Business Management from the Boston University.

We created SportsDollars with a two-pronged approach to helping athletes. Firstly, we want to provide education. Why? Because these young people face the same challenges all young people do, but the the added difficulty of probably coming into large amounts of money in a short amount of time. Statistics show that most of them face financial ruin by poor planning or get trapped in Ponzi schemes.

Secondly, we provide a concierge financial service for athletes in which we form a team of advisors, either with their existing ones or our team, to make sure there is proper planning and execution in place.

We offer:

  • Strategies for protection for their assets either in the U.S. or abroad
  • Strategies to stay out of trouble with the IRS
  • A complete team of advisors working together (lawyer, financial advisors, etc)
  • A complete financial plan that helps them stay on course, out of trouble and clear about family obligations
  • Full support to create a growth mindset in the athlete.

Just give us a try – even a small need – and we will show you what we mean by concierge servicing and trusting advice.